Fridges can be expensive, it’s not always practical to go and buy a new one straight away. In fact, for some, it is preferable to rent one on a long term basis! The benefits include affordable weekly payments, all servicing taken care of by us and the option to upgrade at any time. Our flexible options make long and short term renting quick and easy to arrange. Check out our options below or speak to one of our friendly team members to come up with the right solution for YOU! Model displayed may vary to model supplied.

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  • Bar Fridge 120Lt
    • Up to 120-litre capacity
    • Vegetable crisper
    • Adjustable shelves
    • Our bar fridges are the answer to many problems! Whether it’s freeing up room in the main fridge, keeping refreshing drinks cold at the gym or a compact fridge for your bach or Air BnB, this flexible option could be the one for you.

    Bar Fridge 120Lt

    $11.50 per week * Add to cart
  • Large Fridge up to 425Lt
    • Up to 425-litre capacity
    • Plenty of space for meal prep or flatting situations
    • Easy to clean slide-in shelves
    • This large fridge suits so many needs! Perfect for large families, flatting, large office spaces and those that enjoy prepping food ahead of time. The low maintenance design makes cleaning a breeze and you can manage your budget easily with our affordable weekly payments.

    Large Fridge up to 425Lt

    $20.00 per week * Add to cart
  • Medium Fridge up to 330Lt
    • Up to 330-litre capacity
    • Easy to clean sliding shelves
    • Vegetable crisper to keep things fresh for longer
    • This low maintenance, medium-sized fridge is great for those on a budget who need a bit of room! Whether it’s the family bach, flatting with a few mates or a small family, this fridge comes with an array of helpful features.

    Medium Fridge up to 330Lt

    $18.00 per week * Add to cart
  • Small Fridge up to 260Lt
    • Up to 260-litre capacity
    • Slimline design
    • Perfect for apartments and smaller homes.
    • This compact fridge could be the solution you are looking for! Perfect for smaller households or holiday homes. With our flexible renting options, this fridge could also provide extra fridge space when needed.

    Small Fridge up to 260Lt

    $16.00 per week * Add to cart
  • Fridge, Washer, Dryer & Microwave Combo
    • 330-litre capacity fridge
    • 4.5kg+ capacity budget-friendly small dryer.
    • 5.5kg capacity compact top loading washer with multiple washing programs
    • 1000W microwave, user friendly with multiple settings, perfect for small spaces.
    *Ask our friendly staff about size options and upgrades.

    Student Whiteware Bundle

    $43.50 per week * Add to cart