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  • Cross Trainer
    • Magnetic resistance
    • Footprint 123 x 60cms
    • Get started on your fitness journey with this cross-trainer. Perfect for all fitness levels with adjustable resistance and a user-friendly design.

    Cross Trainer

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  • Exercise Bike
    • 8kg flywheel
    • Pedal straps for stability
    • Get fit on a budget! From only $15.50 per week, you can pedal your way to health. With 8 manual resistance levels, this piece of kit can get you working hard at home.

    Exercise Bike

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  • Premium Treadmill
    • Powered incline
    • Max speed 16km/h
    • Great for those who love to jog! Get your km's done in the comfort of your own home and once you’re done, fold it away until your next training session.

    Premium Treadmill

    $31.00 per week * Add to cart
  • Programmable Exercise Bike
    • Colour display and audio alerts
    • Programmable magnetic resistance
    • With 12 program options and 16 tension levels, this exercise bike is great for lower body toning and cardio! Measure your time, speed, distance, pulse, calories and more.

    Programmable Exercise Bike

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  • Rower
    • Air and magnetic resistance
    • Footprint 210 x 57cms
    • Get a full-body workout with a rowing machine! With 15 different programs, this is perfect for all fitness levels and folds while you’re not using it.


    $21.00 per week * Add to cart
  • Treadmill
    • Suited for walking and power walking
    • Max speed 10km/h
    • Perfect for those just starting their fitness journey. Get your daily walk in no matter the weather and get your heart rate up with one of our rental treadmills.


    $22.00 per week * Add to cart