Why rent?

Welcome to the freedom of renting

The big advantage of renting is the flexibility it gives you.

With so many options, it's your choice

You choose the plan that works for your cash flow and budget. You choose the items you want and how long you want them for. And depending on the rental option you select, you could even choose to upgrade or change your rental item, allowing you to enjoy the most up-to-date products as they come to market. How's that for freedom and flexibility?

Get essentials at short notice

You see, we know what it's like. Your washing machine leaks goodness knows what, or your fridge dies, but life goes on. The ability to easily rent these essentials at short notice takes the stress off your household and your wallet.

Rent the fun stuff, or those handy extras

We're a great option for the fun stuff too. Need a sound system for an upcoming 21st? Come to think of it an extra fridge and sofa over Christmas with all those rellies staying could be handy. Then after they've gone you can swap them for some exercise equipment to work off the mince pies and pudding.

Make the difference when it counts

Or, maybe you're selling your house? A little makeover with some of our stylish furnishings could really make the difference.

Sounds good to me!

All sounds pretty appealing right? Not-to-mention a flexible and stress-free way to get whatever you need for your home without over committing yourself.

So, say goodbye to trawling online auction sites for second-hand items and start using new, leading brand products, like the ones Mr Rental can deliver to your door.

Say hello to our extensive product range instead.


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