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Mr. Rental

Why rent with Mr Rental?

Why renting makes sense and why choosing Mr. Rental makes even more.

The fact that you've landed here means you think renting looks like the smartest option these days.

Provide your family with the essentials they need, enjoy the latest technology and choose between top quality brands.

And yep, we may be a teensy-weensiest bit biased — but we reckon we're the best at making renting easy and even fun!

Call us now on 0800 111 313 or contact us and we'll be back to you in a jiffy.

Mr. Rental

Happiness Guarantee

It makes people happy to replace something old with something better. And here's five ways we've developed to keep you smiling...

  1. Free Delivery
  2. Free installation
  3. Product swap~
  4. Repair or Replace
  5. Anytime Upgrades^
Mr. Rental

Free delivery and
installation, connection
and pick up.

We don't just deliver for free – we install and connect your appliance then test it to check it's all hunky dory. So, all you have to do is enjoy the latest fandangle gadgets, whiteware, fitness gear…delivered and ready to go. And when you're ready to upgrade or return the item we'll sort it – and that's free too!

Mr. Rental - Product Swap

Product Swap~

If, for any reason, (like you've gone off the colour) you want to change the product you've rented then it's no problem. Just call us and we'll arrange a switcheroo. Of course, if you choose something a little flasher – you may have to pay a bit more.

Mr. Rental - Repair or Replace

Repair or replace

Machines occasionally breakdown. Some things get broken. We want to fix the problem ASAP so we'll either repair the product immediately – or replace it.

Mr. Rental - Anytime Upgrades

Anytime Upgrades^

Making a change is exciting and refreshing and because technology upgrades so fast these days, our Anytime Upgrades policy enables you to keep up with the latest gear. Sometimes the item you upgrade to may cost a little more but you can upgrade any time. New TV anyone?

Mr. Rental - Leading Brands

We lead with more leading brands.

Mr Rental is the home of all the leading brands with such a huge variety that you can pick from quality options - at any budget. And because we stock both new and pre-rented options there really is a product to suit the price you can afford.

Mr. Rental - Flexibility Plus!

Flexibility Plus!

We tailor make our agreements to suit you, unlike many who will attempt to get you into a longer contract. That means the time you rent for is completely up to you. Anything from week to week or month to month is fine by us. So relax, short or long rentals – it's your call.

Mr. Rental - Friendly Service

Friendly Service

We're happiest making you happy so Mr. Rental staff are chosen for their friendly, 'nothing's a problem' attitude. Call us on 0800 111 313 or contact us and experience the difference genuinely friendly people can make to the process.

Mr. Rental - Want to apply?

Want to apply?
It's easy as 1,2,3.

  1. Call Mr. Rental on 0800 111 313
  2. Answer a few credit check questions.
  3. Approval is processed.
  4. There is no four.
Mr. Rental - Easy way to Pay

Easy way to pay

Our speedy, easy way to pay also delivers a hassle - free experience, allowing us to process your application faster.

Mr. Rental - Delivery

Next business day delivery

Patience is a highly overrated virtue! Which is why we have a policy to make the process from whoa ("I like the look and price of that!) to go ("It's arrived!") as quick as we can. So, after the paperwork's complete, and if you're within 50km, we will have your rental delivered by the next business day. Speedy!

So what are you waiting for?

Rental Terms

*Based on Mr Flex with weekly/fortnightly/monthly payment period. Applicable to a hire period over 4 weeks. Full terms and conditions available on application. Other fees and charges may apply as per T&C’s booklet (INFO). Either party can terminate with one payment period notice. Ask in store for details. Product provided by Mr Rental Group NZ Ltd. Pictured products are for display purposes only. Products available at participating stores while stocks last. Brands and models may vary. Accessories are for illustration purposes and not included. Credit check criteria apply. Pre-Rented product is an item in good working condition that has been used previously.

^Subject to credit approval and availability of upgrade good. Requires entry into new agreement (rental fee for upgrade good will apply). Other fees may apply. Does not modify, limit or exclude any rights or remedies under the Local Consumer Law. Replacement product during repair. If faulty product not capable of repair, replacement product provided. Terms and conditions apply. ~Subject to credit approval and availability of selected good. Requires entry into new agreement (rental fee for selected good will apply). Other fees may apply.

MrShort is a Short Term Rental Agreement with a 1 month rental payment required upfront. Ask in store for more details. Product provided by Mr Rental Group NZ Ltd.