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Creature Comforts For Digital Nomads
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Essential Creature Comforts for Digital Nomads and Remote Workers

So, you have bravely decided to eject yourself from the 9-to-5. In place of a permanent job and the accumulation of endless possessions. Instead, you have decided to move somewhere scenic to pursue your career while also forgoing the trappings of ownership. Someone wise once said that stuff you own ends up owning you. It’s a risk, but a calculated one and a global population of roaming millennials can attest to the fact that this idea is going to be around for a long time to come. Although living by your wits and talents doesn’t mean you have to live like a medieval monk. It is possible to have your cake and eat it too with familiar things around you, to comfort and reassure you in an unfamiliar new place. Whether you’re catching some rays on Bondi Beach or trekking the Tongariro alpine crossing, it’s possible to be comfortable as a digital nomad in Australia and New Zealand.

1. Find a great co-working space

Co-working spaces offer you the opportunity to mix and mingle with other nomads and freelancers in an environment that’s conducive to collaboration. Or you can work remotely from home, cafes, libraries and even recreational vehicles to accomplish tasks that traditionally take place in a stationery workplace. Although, if you have Wi-Fi connection Mr Rental can help with your technology requirements in Australia and New Zealand.

People working together

Top co-working spaces in Australia are the Business Depot in Brisbane and The Commons in both Sydney and Melbourne. In Auckland, then try Generator. Although these dynamic spaces are popping up in all cities.

2. Streaming TV services and a rented TV

Full HD plasma 42 inch (1.07 m) TV from Mr Rental with built-in analogue/digital tuner, HDMI and USB ports. Available to rent for $17.50 per week.

Full HD plasma 42 inch (1.07 m) TV from Mr Rental with built-in analogue/digital tuner, HDMI and USB ports. Available to rent for $17.50 per week.

Just when you thought you had left distraction behind, along comes Netflix. This cost-effective way to wind-down after a long day at work is overtaking all TV subscription services. Of course, watching it on your tiny laptop or mobile device just won’t cut the mustard. So a good work-around is to rent a TV from Mr Rental . Your TV is delivered and installed for free. Then once you embark on your next adventure, you can have it removed.

3. Comfortable furniture to personalise your place

So you’ve moved to a new city and a cold apartment with little to no furniture. You could go out to IKEA and invest in flat pack furniture, which you will then need to put together and later dispose. Alternately you could rummage around online for second hand pieces of varying levels of quality. Or create a stylish home with Mr Rental who will deliver and install for free. Mr Rental’s new range of Scandinavian inspired furniture would make even the most discerning Instagrammer excited. Everything from furniture to whiteware can be ordered from the website.

A home before and after the installation of Mr Rental furniture

Here is some design inspiration and how a boring and lifeless space can be transformed into a home away from home with Mr Rental’s rental furniture. It’s made for digital nomads!

Relocating to a new city in Australia or New Zealand? Get in touch with Mr Rental for furniture, appliances and tech delivered to your door.

Office on the beach

Does a Beach-side office space await you somewhere in Noosa, Australia or in Nelson, New Zealand? Get all the gear you need once you touch down in Australia and New Zealand .


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