Blog - 5 Reasons Why Businesses Are Creating Spaces That Look Like Home

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5 Reasons Why Businesses Are Creating Spaces That Look Like Home
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In recent years unconventional workplace designs and layouts have become all the rage. Gone are the labyrinthine rabbit hutch style compartments of the past.


Nowadays, retro-cool co-workplaces with all the mod-cons and comforts of your lounge-room are on trend. Here are some trends in office design and the reasons why forward-thinking businesses are opting for workplaces that look a lot like home.


1. Homely Spaces Foster a Sense of Brand Identity


Quirky, iconoclastic and unique decor in offices and co-working spaces give a workplace a much-needed sense of its own identity. People who work in such places then adopt the place as a part of their own brand identity and company culture. Rather than logging off and wanting to leave at the end of the working day, instead occupiers are proud to be affiliated with the space and want to stick around, for a drink and to socialise after hours.


Investing in furnishings for your co-working space needn’t be a hassle or cost a fortune. Mr Rental’s contemporary range of tables, desks and sofas are incredibly comfortable, homely and can easily be used in elastic spaces to transform meeting spaces. The great part is that Mr Rental can deliver and set up the furniture when you need it, and take it away when you want to try another office layout.   


2. Homely Spaces are Collaborative

The always-on culture of the tech start-up was once only popular in the Silicon Valley. However, this highly collaborative and dynamic way of working has spread to other parts of the world. That’s because this open collaborative style offers clear benefits to businesses of all sizes. Working in this way fosters innovation, teamwork, and retains the best talent.


Scaling up office furniture for team sprints, hackathons and impromptu gatherings becomes easy with Mr Rental’s office solutions. Our team of experts can advise on the right furniture that will blur the lines between work and home and create a comfortable and homely atmosphere in your workplace.

This is a unique way to show gratitude to staff, leading to more collaboration, inspiration and enjoyment of your workplace.

 Co-working space with lounge area

3. Homely Spaces are what Millennials want


According to research by Colliers International, millennials (Born between 1981 -1998) demand different things from their working lives compared to previous generations. By 2023, millennials will make up 38% of the world’s workforce.


Their priorities include design that facilitates social interaction, work-life balance, collaborative work, access to tech and social media. Millennials want open-plan hubs which allow them to eat, drink, play games, socialise and collaborate all in the same place.


Millennials also want to feel at home at work, with lounge areas where they can use their laptops and mobiles and get served real food, coffee and beer. Multi-nationals are now jumping on this trend and implementing this collaborative and contemporary style in their own office décor.


4. Homely Spaces are Clever


By cleverly turning a large space into a multi-purpose bar events space, meeting place and office, organisations are able to get more out of the space that simply by having a traditional office. Making a space elastic and selecting furniture wisely saves money. This is because the density ratio and overhead costs are lowered.  

Multipurpose space 

5. Homely Spaces are Biophilic


Studies have shown that having gardens, plants and natural light in an office increases people’s productivity and creativity and reduces their stress levels. In recent years there has been a shift towards using biophilic design, meaning design inspired by nature. These natural influences in contemporary design make workplaces much more innovative, comfortable, and hospitable for people working in them.


Judging by trends, the humble and boring office cubicle could go extinct in the coming decade. What should you do with all that dead space where filing cabinets of printed documents used to sit? It might be a good idea to turn it into a chill-out room or quiet room where the office introverts can congregate, to escape the co-working chaos!

 Woman smiling working in a shared space with lots of plants

Scaling up or scaling down your workplace or refurbishing your office is simple and easy with Mr Rental’s office solutions. With free delivery and installation, we specialise in cosy office furniture in Australia and New Zealand that comfortably connects two worlds – work and home. 


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